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The Problem

Millions of people all over the world don’t have access to quality healthcare due to a lack of access to healthcare technology and infrastructure. Because of these limitations, diseases like Aids, Malaria, and Tuberculosis affect the lives of tens of millions globally, primarily in East, West, and Central Africa.

Our Impact

Since OpenMRS’ launch in 2007, more than 1,845 healthcare clinics in 64 countries are using OpenMRS to provide improved healthcare to 6.5 million patients. Countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda have widely adopted OpenMRS as their premier EMR platform or have declared it to be their official EMR. As a result of better healthcare information technology, countries where OpenMRS is predominantly used have seen a reduction in aids infection rates as well as deaths of both aids and malaria. Since its peak in 2005, aids-related deaths have declined by 38%, and tuberculosis-related deaths among people living with HIV have fallen by 32% since 2004.

Our Solution

Medical informatics are the driving force of local and country wide policy change that impact healthcare delivery to solve these problems. Since most clinics in developing and low-resource environments are using paper-based records, OpenMRS created the free open-source electronic medical record platform to meet the specific needs of these challenging areas.

Our Partners


The Rockefeller Foundation

Partners in Health

Regenstrief Institute


Millennium Villages

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