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Together, we are changing global health. You don’t need to be a programmer or a physician to help save lives.

Ways to Get Involved

Contribute to the OpenMRS project through your unique skills.



Write code, save lives. The OpenMRS Community depends on the helpful hands of many developers around the world. Whether you’re able to dedicate time to extended tasks, or would rather help with quick, simple projects, we have a need and a place for you.

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Healthcare systems demand reliable software, so we must always focus on testing OpenMRS code. Whether or not you’re a developer, consider helping us test OpenMRS Releases.

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OpenMRS is used around the world, and we always have need for skills in the languages where our software is deployed. You don’t have to be a geek to make a real impact.

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Do you have experience and skills with technical writing? OpenMRS needs assistance
maintaining its documentation and resources. It is important to keep everything up to date and well-organized.

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Because of the need OpenMRS seeks to provide for, our Help Desk system receives dozens of requests for support daily. Do you want to help solve problems by provide solutions? Get involved in our Help Desk!

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Share your thoughts and ideas with the greater community.



Join in the conversation with other community members using OpenMRS around the
world. Discuss ideas and share how OpenMRS is being implemented.



Do you have an idea for a new feature or a desperate need for a bug fix? Let us know!


Spread the Word

The excitement of OpenMRS is contagious! Tell your friends about it and encourage
others to get involved!


Get an OpenMRS ID

Your OpenMRS ID is your key to participating in the community, allowing you to sign in and use our tools and resources. Create a profile today and get involved!


Let us know if you have an idea or question about how you might get involved.

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